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More than 10,000 installed devices are in use day after day in a variety of industries and countries. Craftsmen and large companies use the projectors to simplify and speed up their work processes, reduce costs and at the same time improve the quality of their products with the highest precision.

SL Laser’s devices and software enable them to realize significant competitive advantages in this way – and have been doing so for over 30 years.

At SL Laser, we have always placed great emphasis on the user-friendly operation and self-explanatory functionality of our laser projectors, measurement systems and positioning lasers. Developed by practitioners for on-site users, the systems enjoy great acceptance. The installation on trial and the well-founded introduction by our employees enable a quick and risk-free changeover to the new technology. A close-knit distribution network with sales partners all over the world allows excellent service. Test us. At SL Laser, your success is the benchmark for our thinking!

Laser projectors – Laser projection systems.

Today, laser projection in industry means above all time savings, material savings and error minimization. Worldwide, manufacturing companies in almost all industries work with laser projectors from SL Laser. They save the expensive use of templates by having the work on the workpiece or on the table aligned directly with the guidance provided by the laser beam. This increases the precision of the work considerably and also facilitates quality control.

Thus, the investment in one of the laser projection systems from SL Laser has usually paid for itself after a very short time and not only generates profit, but also an advantage over other companies in the industry. In the same way, aircraft manufacturers or the aerospace industry also work with laser projection in very confined spaces and thus ensure the necessary highest precision.

Laser projectors from SL Laser

Since the first laser projectors were developed at SL Laser more than 30 years ago, we have continuously improved the technology and made it easier to use. In combination with the self-explanatory operator software, the handling of the SL Laser projectors can be learned in a very short time.
After a quick start-up phase, colleagues at the machines also swear by the SL Laser Projectors.

The optical laser guidance system on the CNC milling machine, the nailer binder projection or the cross projection for drilling saves a lot of tedious work with the template and the re-alignment of the workpieces. But most of all, it saves the frustration of otherwise inevitable mistakes. Our popular offer of a test installation and introduction to a laser projector from SL Laser regularly proves to be a sensible investment for us as well. In most cases, the installation is simply taken over. Conviction through performance.


SL-Laser ProDirector 7

The ProDirector 7 – A top-class industrial laser projector.
  • A laser positioning aid with inimitable precision.
  • Simple and ingenious in daily use.
  • Used worldwide in almost all countries and industrial segments.
  • Dustproof and robust perfect for almost any environment.

With the ProDirector 7, companies in many segments of the industry gain decisive advantages when it comes to working quickly and with the highest precision. The top model from SL Laser becomes indispensable after just a short training period. The ProDirector 7 combines the latest laser technology with the simplest operation – exactly what enables your employees to achieve new top performances.

The ProDirector 7projects its green or red laser beams from a fixed reference point, which can be under the ceiling or on a special structure. In doing so, it achieves a projection field for the laser of up to 80° horizontally and 70° vertically for every direction in space. Even a subsequent upgrade in your production does not pose a problem.

ProDirector 7: How it works as a 3D laser projector for industry

A computer-controlled laser system with the sophisticated operator software ensures that the ProDirector 7 laser throws measuring points, lines and entire work plans onto the surfaces to be processed. Permanently installed or integrated into a rail system, the size or complexity of the free forms, welding tables, workpieces, materials or different layers in the composite area is no longer important.

The dust-tight construction of the ProDirector 7 proves to be just as reliably robust when working with wood as when working with precast concrete elements. Each work step is specified, the execution by the employees can be done without tedious marking, measuring, comparing and checking. This not only reduces the working time, but also significantly minimizes the error margins. Perfect for all types of CNC applications. For extremely large components such as in the aerospace industry, the ProDirector 7 can also be installed as a network system so that the entire area can be covered.

A perfect operating software for the laser projector

With the experience of SL Laser’s developers, the use of our technology has become easier and easier. Simply transfer the data from your 2D or 3D CAD system to the operating software, which imports all common formats and can even be adapted to the special features of your company’s own applications if required. The respective work steps can be called up manually or by remote control. The software is available in a wide variety of versions, specializing, for example, in 3D composite parts or projection from OEM applications.

The clarification and integration of your company’s internal processes into the functioning of the ProDirector 7 and the corresponding software are, just like the introduction to the system and its operation, fixed components of the comprehensive service package that you purchase from SL Laser for the ProDirector 7 laser projector.

The training: Practical, fast and tailored to your situation

In addition to the proven technology and the robust design for the demands of our customers, it is above all the quick and easy transfer of the application and its operation into all work processes that gives SL Laser and the ProDirector 7 a decisive competitive advantage. Although the ProDirector 7 is a true high-tech product, it stands out time and again for its unsurpassed ease of use and practicality. Our field-tested experts have already quickly and successfully trained and instructed literally thousands of colleagues at our customers in the use of ProDirector 7. In doing so, a fair amount of experience helps us to quickly grasp the needs and the situation on site and to effectively adapt both the laser projector and its installation as well as the software and training to the respective circumstances.

Universal: Examples of applications and industry segments

The ProDirector 7 supports production, manufacturing and quality control as a precise optical guidance system that can work accurately down to fractions of a millimetre. The individual points of the laser beam are projected at high speed in such a way that exact lines are created for the eye. It does not matter whether the projection is in 2D or 3D, the time-consuming use of templates is no longer necessary. In the most diverse segments of industry, the ProDirector 7 is convincing here, for example:

Set-up aids for CNC wood routers and measuring tool for wood construction:
  • For direct transfer of positioning from the router control system
  • As an optical guidance system for contours and alignment of e.g. press blocks
  • For positioning stops and nail lines/nail binders
Alignment on welding tables or steel trusses in the metal industry:
  • Alignment of workpieces from CAD accurate to the millimetre
  • Time-saving elimination of templates
  • Convenient 1:1 projection of contours and stop positions
Composite applications for machining composite fibre components:
  • In the aerospace industry for wings, fuselage parts and landing flaps
  • There, as in Formula 1 for the laying processes of composite fibre mats
  • In the construction of wind turbines through precise projection even at great heights
Assembly in 3D:
  • In aircraft construction through the most precise placement of thousands of small parts
  • In quality control through the projection of contours onto components
  • In boat building through precise display of contours and curvatures
Measurements and projections in the construction industry:
  • In the positioning of formwork and reinforcement for prefabricated concrete components
  • In connection with a guidance system on a pallet circulation system with changing work steps
  • In the projection of CAD drawings onto components and workpieces
Master projection in textile processing:
  • In the alignment and cutting of leather templates
  • For contouring sails or balloons
  • For contouring solar covers

The ProDirector 7 clearly stands out both in the range of industries and in the sales figures. Starting with the aerospace industry with its highest precision requirements for metal processing, the 3D laser projector ProDirector 7 can be found in almost every sector of industry. Of course, this also applies to specialized crafts such as yacht and boat building and its fibre-reinforced plastics. The cost optimisation and quality increase that can be achieved with the 3D laser projector ProDirector 7 make the investment a wise decision. Don’t leave these competitive advantages to other companies anymore. Play in front with a 3D laser projector for your work processes and contact us!

ProDirector XS2 – Mobile Laser Projector for Industry
  • Especially for confined spaces or quick changes of position
  • The ProDirector XS2 ensures millimetre-precise work without complex templates
  • Used worldwide thanks to perfect quality and ingeniously simple application
  • Use the XS2 on stands or with the optional clamps
  • Perfect work even under challenging circumstances

Laser projectors such as the ProDirector XS2 ensure safe, fast and accurate work with the high-precision projection of CAD-powered laser markings onto workpieces of all kinds. Instead of multi-layered templates, laser projectors enable virtually controlled and contact-free surface processing and tool guidance in 2D or 3D. For the ingenious mode of operation of the ProDirector XS2, the complexity of the moulds, the position of the welding tables or workpieces, the type of materials to be processed or the various layers in the composite area are irrelevant. The ProDirector XS2 makes life easy.

A mobile laser projector for industry worldwide

With easy-to-learn operation, robust construction and ingenious design, SL Laser’s laser projectors have created a world market for themselves. From concrete formwork to woodworking to the aerospace industry, companies around the world are securing a clear advantage over the competition with the ProDirector XS2 or ProDirector 7. A static or mobile laser projector from SL Laser not only facilitates a multitude of work processes and significantly increases quality. A ProDirector XS2 with laser projection in mobile use also saves a lot of time, labour and material costs. Don’t leave this advantage to others. Take advantage of the benefits of laser projection sooner rather than too late.

Get in touch today and find out about your options without obligation! For us, good advice is the basis of successful cooperation!

Perfect for changing installation locations or confined spaces

The ProDirector XS2 is sometimes referred to as the little brother of the legendary ProDirector 7, our laser projector for static use in the production hall or workshop. This is only true insofar as the ProDirector XS2 is actually smaller in size as a laser projector. However, it does not need to shy away from any comparison with its performance as a laser projector. As a compact device, it is completely geared towards mobile use and is thus the ideal complement to the ProDirector 7. The ProDirector XS2 has made itself indispensable with the projection of its laser beams wherever work has to be done, such as in helicopter construction, in the construction of yachts or even wind turbines with changing assembly sites or outdoors.

The same applies to confined spaces. Working in a ship’s hull or in the flight deck of a helicopter requires the highest precision for sometimes hundreds of mounting points. With the ProDirector XS2, the colleague can be sure to find the right positioning with the projection and, if necessary, to carry out the prescribed quality control later with the laser. Put an end to tedious marking out, measuring, aligning and correcting. We will advise you fairly and professionally. Contact us right away! We are here for you.

The mode of operation as ingenious as it is simple

SL Laser projectors work and project according to the same principle. Via a self-explanatory operating software on a computer, your CAD data of the most diverse programmes with prepared interfaces are loaded. Depending on your needs, these data can cover 2D or 3D space. The computer is connected to the projectors e.g. via USB connection. On request, SL Laser also offers special industrial PCs as accessories, which are designed for use with the projectors on construction sites.

After definition and calibration via corresponding reference points, the laser projection can start and displays the required lines, markings, outlines or shapes. By remote control, the progress of the work can be controlled via different layers or shifts. This procedure is particularly recommended for complex components. The performance of the ProDirector XS2 is also impressive when expressed in figures: With a projection area of 4.5m x 4.5m and a distance of 4m, the degree of precision for the laser beam is ± 0.35mm.

The usual error margins are drastically reduced and frustrating waiting and retrofitting times are avoided. What sounds complicated to the layman at first is no problem in daily practice and routine. This is already ensured by the training provided by our specialists. Would you like to know more about the ProDirector XS2? Simply get in touch with us. We will answer your questions and provide you with detailed information.

Laser projector ProDirector XS2mob – laser projection for industry
  • High-precision laser projection – mobile and independent
  • The ProDirector XS2mob is small, light and highly mobile
  • A laser projector for many applications with customised operator software
  • Ingenious in combination with our industrial tablet
  • For fast operations under difficult conditions

We have also specified our ProDirector XS2 laser projector for mobile use. A powerful industrial battery ensures hours of trouble-free operation on inaccessible construction sites, on wind turbines in the field or on a yacht without an external power supply. With the ProDirector XS2mob laser projector, you are completely independent and can still guarantee fast, clean and highly precise work. Mount the laser projector on the tripod, connect it to the tablet via Bluetooth, calibrate it using reference points and the projection can begin.

A laser projector for mobile applications in many industries

With a little guidance from our training team, the ProDirector XS2mob laser projector will enable you to achieve top performance in speed and precision in no time at all, even in seemingly inaccessible areas. This will inspire your clients. Save yourself tedious marking out, measuring and the laborious creation of templates. Powered by the industrial tablet and controlled by the operator software, the laser projector effortlessly transfers the data from the design CAD to the workpiece or the work surface. This is how first-class laser projection for industry works today.

Whether for layered composite applications, boat building or the interior of a helicopter, with the ProDirector XS 2 mobile you can achieve an accuracy of ± 0.35mm with a projection surface of 20 m² at a distance of up to four metres. With dimensions of less than 34 x 12 x 18 cm and a weight of only 6.5 kg, the ProDirector XS 2 mobile can be set up practically anywhere, because even the tripod is not much larger in dimensions. This means that even the laying of complex cable harnesses or the covering of hundreds of assembly points can be processed without contact, and quality control can be carried out quickly and reliably using the same laser projection technology.

Get in touch right away and find out about the possibilities in your sector, your company and your situation. Our advice is tailored to your industry.

The Positioning laser.
  • Proven lasers for positioning for professional use
  • Highest precision in connection with a robust construction
  • Accelerate production processes and reduce costs
The SL positioning lasers have become indispensable for many industries. We would be happy to advise you on possible uses in your company.

The positioning lasers from SL Laser show your employees exactly where to go at work. With this special laser, the positions of tools and workpieces are aligned and instruments or machines are positioned. Like all laser systems from SL Laser, our positioning lasers are also optimized for use in industry – this means you can rely on a robust design and proven suitability for everyday use. The positioning lasers from SL Laser are resistant to many external influences and have a long service life. The precision of our lasers for positioning meets our requirements for all our products.

Robust construction, proven electronics of the positioning laser.

In addition, our position lasers can be adapted to your special needs on request. Our laser modules use a clearly visible red or green laser beam, which is controlled with proven electronics. The exact product and performance data of our lasers can be found at the bottom of this page. All SL Laser positioning lasers are available in different power classes, which affect the distance and the size of the display. The compact and robust housing of the lasers is electrically insulated. The devices exhibit constant output power that is maintained over a wide operating temperature range.

The ProCollector laser measurement system – ingeniously simple
  • Create a precise measurement for 2D and 3D objects
  • Finally, a measuring method that is as simple as it is safe
  • All steps are intuitive and easy to learn
  • With only two measuring points per surface to the perfect floor plan

A laser measurement system that works as a point projector takes over the efficient creation of a measurement for the CAD software on the building site, on your interior design job or when working in production. The data of the measuring points can be further processed in your CAD software and used in the calculations. But this ingenious technology can of course also be used for the reverse process as an assembly aid.

If you have generated drawing data in the CAD software, templates can be projected with the ProCollector onto your workpieces, onto rooms and here, for example, onto stairs. For this, only three measuring points are approached as reference points and the work can start. The ProCollector is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery so that you can work completely independently of local conditions.

Long experience with laser projection ensures simplest operation.

The ProCollector measurement system is the logical continuation in the application of laser technology with our laser projectors. Just like these, the laser-based measurement system facilitates and accelerates many work processes during measurement and supports colleagues in avoiding the all too familiar mistakes.

Inaccuracies in the measurement, errors or transposed numbers in the data transmission of the measuring points and misunderstandings in the interpretation of the data are a thing of the past with the ProCollector and the appropriate software. The ProCollector is also very easy to operate and transport on site and can be adjusted to all height differences if required.

The application of the ProCollector in practice.

In principle, the ProCollector consists of a projector for laser beams that can be swivelled or rotated in different directions. As a laser distance meter, it records and stores the data or measuring points obtained for on-site measurement. It is mounted on a tripod frame that can be adjusted to the local conditions. Quickly set up, a few reference points and changes of location for the vertical and horizontal surfaces are sufficient for the software to record all the data for the drawings to be made in conjunction with the recorded calibration points.

The recorded coordinates from the measurements are entered into a DXF file, transferred via interface and can be used immediately in the CAD system. This is as convenient as it is precise. With the ProCollector, you work on the safe side when measuring on the building site or in the hall. But you can also take measurements for fully furnished rooms without having to rebuild and move furniture first. With the ProCollector, even projections, rounded or multi-angled areas can be measured precisely.

Typical applications for the laser measurement system are for example:
  • Building – directly on the building site, e.g. for stair construction
  • Woodworking/carpentry – in the factory or on site
  • Stone industry – for dismantling or cutting
  • Textile industry – measuring and cutting to size
  • Composite – measuring of processing surfaces, projection for fastening

With the inexpensive ProCollector from SL Laser, you can save yourself the costly task of having to take measurements from service providers in the future. Take your measuring into your own hands!

Typical areas of application for the ProCollector from SL Laser

The ProCollector proves its worth wherever precise and millimetre-accurate measurement data or projections are required for measuring or machining workpieces or on the construction site.

A measurement with the ProCollector provides reliable templates for CAD software or direct application.


Laser projection for CNC woodworking and construction.
For decades, laser projectors from SL Laser have been used with great success in woodworking and in the construction industry. In fact, it was the positioning of free forms on CNC machining centers that enabled the first laser projectors from SL Laser to define the market.
Today, the ProDirector 7 is used worldwide, for example to serve as an effective set-up aid for CNC routers . It is all about the exact and fast positioning of the suction cups, the workpieces and the contours for all steps of processing or production. In the woodworking industry and carpentry, in the furniture industry and in the construction industry, laser projection with the ProDirector 7 is almost indispensable.
Laser projection for prefabricated wooden parts.

The laser systems around the ProDirector 7 have established themselves in timber frame construction in many companies. This makes work on the object itself considerably easier, more precise and more cost-effective. Depending on the size of the workshop and the components, the laser projector is installed under the ceiling, moves on a rail system or is installed as a group in a row. The SL LaserPilot software works in conjunction with the CAD system and provides all the required drawings to the ProDirector. New drawings can be imported, for example for the next shift, or the images can be mirrored, repositioned and projected at different heights as required.

Laser projection in timber frame construction.

The laser line provides millimeter-precise templates for rows of nails and screws, shows distances or recesses and guides the work for wooden stands, built-in parts and cut-outs. The 1:1 factor of the projection gives colleagues the security they need to work quickly and precisely on the component. This gives the company a clear competitive advantage, because better offers can be made with faster completion, lower error rates and reduced costs.

Laser projection for laminated beams.

In the production of laminated beams, the position of the press blocks plays just as important a role as the depiction of the molded parts. A network of laser projectors has proven itself for simultaneous display. As with the production of wall elements, the projector can be used in a row or moved on a rail system in order to precisely align the press blocks and to project the different demands on the shape and position of the molded parts exactly.

If a rail system is used, the projector moves to precisely defined positions and projects the valid section of the drawing – of course also on a scale of 1:1. So the size of the system doesn’t matter. If the finished laminated beam is to be further processed in the CNC system, another major advantage of ProDirector 7 becomes apparent in connection with the software. The contour of the truss can be mapped and moved with the software using the mouse so that it fits exactly into the new position of the truss. The software transmits the data to the machine control and work can be continued with minimal time delay.

Laser projection for nail binders.

The 1:1 projection of the drawing from the respective work phase can also make assembling a roof structure, for example, much easier. Who still wants to work with templates that have to be produced with some effort? Any different setup status can be passed in seconds through the LaserPilot program to ProDirector 7, which displays all positions and outlines. When working, the colleague sees the complete contour of the nail binder, the position of the nail plates and stops and can get started immediately. This shortening of the set-up time can amount to a reduction of up to 70% of the working time.

This is an invaluable reduction in effort and a corresponding increase in productivity. But the LaserPilot can do even more. Frequently repeated activities can be programmed and allow immediate retrieval at work. Sound complicated? But it is not. With the introduction and the training of the technical experts from SL Laser, this procedure is quickly learned and implemented in daily practice.

Projection systems in the concrete industry and in the building.

Like woodworking, the use of SL Laser projection systems in the production of precast concrete parts has been established for decades. Many systems are in use worldwide and enable fast and precise work on the tables.

With a trolley on rails or in combination, the ProDirector 7 automatically calibrates itself to the respective positions and projects all necessary lines and points onto the table in a 1:1 ratio. The data required for this from the CAD system is selected by remote control or directly on the touchscreen of SL Laser’s industrial PC. The respective tasks and positions of the frames, reinforcements, sockets, and formwork are precisely projected.

Laser projection for precast concrete parts.

The work is timesaving and practically error-free. This minimizes waste. With long table applications, the projection is carried out exactly as in the pallet carousel system with exact calculation of the height and the angle. When working with palettes, ProDirector 7 calibrates itself for each incoming palette and projects the necessary work steps.

In the circulation system, several projectors at the respective stations enable simultaneous processing. Frame, formwork, reinforcement, and the final inspection are carried out in parallel in one pass. Existing control systems can be equipped with the LaserPilot software from SL Laser.

Laser projection systems in the stone Industry.

In the stone industry there are particularly many areas of application for the projection systems from SL Laser. When working in CNC machining centers, when measuring stairs or walls, even when laying stone inlays, you can save working time and costs while at the same time the quality increases noticeably. Take advantage of these advantages and secure a decisive advantage over the competition.

Laser projection in CNC machining centers.

The same applies to stone processing as to wood processing. With the laser projection, the set-up time is drastically reduced, and expensive mistakes are avoided. The control console of the CNC router can either work together with the ProDirector 7 as a whole system or via the appropriately developed SL Laser software convert the necessary data. Workpieces and suction cups are positioned quickly and precisely. This means that inspection trips with the tool attached are no longer necessary and damage to the suction cups is ruled out. The laser projector displays the drawing with all positions and contours on a scale of 1:1 on the surface. It receives the data from the control console or from the CAM software. The green laser beam is clearly visible on the blank or the table and makes work easier.

Laser projection during nesting.

LaserPilot and ProDirector 7 make it possible. Different orders to be cut from one panel are extremely facilitated. The time-consuming work with the templates can also be replaced here with the projection of laser beams. The data from the first CAD drawing is forwarded to the projector, which projects the contour onto the plate. Now another drawing with the corresponding contour can be added. These two or more contours can be rotated and moved relative to each other on the screen simply with the mouse so that the ideal division is achieved. The laser projector projects the corresponding results onto the plate. In this way you can achieve your work goal in the shortest possible time with the least amount of work, material and tools.

Laser projection for heavy granite slabs.

Another key benefit of ProDirector 7 is its flexibility in terms of position changes. The contours of the drawings are simply converted for the various work steps in such a way that, for example, the heavy granite slabs no longer have to be moved. The displacement that is only necessary on the drawing is recorded and the change and the correspondingly adapted data are passed on directly to the control. The LaserPilot software was specially developed for such work steps and is compatible with most CAD programs.

Laser projection in the metal Industry.

In the metal industry, the pressure of competition is high – all over the world. The laser projection makes it possible to use the machines to their full capacity and to use the labour of the employees efficiently and yet tolerably. Important competitive advantages can be achieved with improved quality, reduced time expenditure and lower costs. With a rental system from SL Laser, you can convince yourself of the higher performance and higher precision in metalworking. Get in touch with us today – we will make you an offer that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Laser projection on the welding table.

The ProDirector 7 makes work at the welding table much easier. The data for the projection comes directly from the CAD program and is projected to scale from any height. The scale of 1:1 not only makes it easier to position the workpieces with millimeter precision, but also allows the exact alignment of the clamping devices.

Precise work is carried out without complex templates, in which all set-up specifications are observed, and no add-on parts are forgotten. The usual set-up repetitions are child’s play with the projection from ProDirector 6. Quality control is made much easier – the satisfaction of employees and customers increases with every order.

Laser projection for steel truss.

The set-up times for steel trusses usually represent an enormous amount of time. This effort can be reduced by up to 70% with ProDirector 7. With the projection on a scale of 1:1, not only is the contour of the truss shown with millimeter precision, but also the stop position and the exact positions for the screw connections. An application can thus be set up in the shortest possible time. As soon as the set-up status changes, the specially developed LaserPilot software sends the new data to the ProDirector, which immediately displays the changed positions. LaserPilot is compatible with the usual CAD systems and converts the data effortlessly.

This significantly increases productivity at work, and the drawings can be implemented with practically no loss of time. Repetitive activities can be programmed easily and by yourself. This also makes it possible for teams to work in parallel, so that the throughput of binders is increased. Our training experts train your employees precisely tailored to their tasks without distracting them with unnecessary theoretical information.

Positioning laser & projection laser for composite applications.

Due to the different properties of the individual materials, the geometry, and the different dimensions often play an important role in the processing of composite materials. The exact projection of the outlines and contours with the laser projector ProDirector 7 makes work significantly easier and faster.

The specially developed SL3D software does a good job. The software-controlled projection of layer contours in the manufacture of composite fiber components, e.g., with carbon, minimizes errors and ensures precise work with the precise specifications.

Aerospace composite lasers.

The precisely coordinated system of ProDirector 7 and SL3D enjoys a high rank and a good name in aviation. SL3D is 100% compatible with the common file formats and ensures outstanding precision. The legendary reliability and durability of the ProDirector 7 is proven with countless laser installations to produce carbon fiber parts around the world.

For the engineers and users at the customers, the seamless integration of multi-projector systems with multi-tooling, practical operation and complete process documentation are particularly important.

Projection lasers & positioning lasers for the generation of wind power and wind energy.

Of course, these advantages are also recognized in other branches of industry. The bright ProDirector 7 is also used in the manufacture of rotor blades for wind turbines. With the exact projection even from a great height, the glass and carbon fiber mats can be safely placed and connected. In the next steps, the software and the projection allow the attachment of reinforcements, brackets, holes, and markings of all kinds.

The ProDirector 7 brings enormous advantages in quality assurance as well as the measurement and assembly of other subsystems such as the internals in the generator and the tower. The great flexibility of our developers allows an optimal adaptation to the special needs of the different manufacturers.

Laser projection in the textile Industry.

Laser projection can be used profitably in practically every industry. Starting with wood processing in the 1980s, new sectors were added at short intervals in the years that followed. In the end, the advantages are practically always the same: set-up times are reduced, the precision of the work is increased and costly mistakes with the corresponding rejects are avoided.

This is no different when using laser projectors in the textile industry with its many different characteristics.

Laser projection for sails, awnings, covers and hot air balloons.

No matter whether it’s about the contours and the best use of material or whether complicated cutting patterns are to be projected onto the material: A ProDirector 7or, in confined spaces, the ProDirector XS 2 Mobile allow precise work. The CAD program or OEM software connects via an interface with the SL Laser software, which has been adapted as required, and the projector projects the specifications onto the workpieces on a 1:1 scale. The employees are carefully instructed in this type of work and after a short time they are able to carry out the necessary steps themselves at the operator. The frustration decreases and the results are impressive.

Laser projection and perfect measurement for swimming pools or solar systems.

The covers for swimming pools and solar systems must fit the specifications exactly. The necessary cuts are no problem with the help of ProDirector 7. But the manual collection of the required data is a very time-consuming and error-prone job. With the mobile measurement system ProCollector L, these measurement data can be collected easily and precisely. The data is immediately converted and can be transferred to a CAD program. The CAD program then provides the controls for the ProDirector 7, which displays the precise cutting pattern 1:1. Handling the ProCollector L becomes routine after just a short familiarization period. Both systems complement each other and revolutionize your work processes.

Laser projection in the aircraft industry and in boat building.

SL Laser has established itself as the number one supplier for laser projection work with the leading aerospace manufacturers in Europe. This reputation is not only due to the precision and reliability of the laser projectors, but is also based on the application-specific adjustments and improvements that we make for our clients on request.

3D assembly with laser projectors.

In addition to processing composite fiber components in aircraft construction, SL laser projectors are also often used in assembly. It is precisely here that it is necessary to drill and assemble a large number of holders, brackets, screws, switches, etc. with the highest accuracy and without errors.

With the SL3D software, the tedious transfer of spatial coordinates, component descriptions and other information to paper documents and templates is no longer necessary. The error-prone measurements and transfers to other proportions are made superfluous by importing the 3D CAD data. The 1:1 projection enables fast and precise work.

This also enables smooth quality assurance and documentation, which significantly reduces all work and contributes to cost reduction. For example, the bottom surface of a mount can be projected onto the surface of the fuselage and the entire mount can then be mounted. During quality control, a distinctive contour is projected onto the visible surface of the mounted holder, and this is used to check the correct position.

SL Assembly for assembling components.

The SL3D software for the ProDirector 7 is ideally complemented by the SL Assembly software. The scan function intelligently recognizes identical component geometries. These are stored in a library, where they can be converted into projectable symbols in a few simple steps.

If it makes sense for the user to display certain components of the parts, he can select and export the contours individually in the assembly software. The step-by-step projection and assembly can then begin immediately.


Software from SL-Laser.

In addition to the CAD data and electronically controlled control technology, even the best laser projector and the most modern measurement system require excellent software that works as a translation aid and interface for the data. In the past decades, we at SL Laser have written and continuously developed many different user programs.

These are now specialized in use for certain types of application or take on support tasks.

With their support, the laser projectors are controlled, or the measurements are calculated and prepared for the CAD program. Other programs take care of the conversion of OEM applications for immediate projection. Workflows, contours, and other measurement data are stored in libraries and reused automatically.

Of course, suitable software also diagnoses and checks the functionality of our products or guides you through the installation.

RouterPilot – software for CNC machining centers.

Your workers waste less time on manual measurements and products move quickly out the door of your shop.

Working with RouterPilot.

The RouterPilot menu and control panel are fully customizable. The user interface is tailored to your specific needs and allows your staff to easily learn and use the function.
Buttons and functions are customer-specific and can be controlled from the desk using a remote control. Each system is customized to your needs by an SL engineer during installation.
The RouterPilot system can be easily customized by anyone with a basic knowledge of software, using a well-documented set of commands. The system is password-protected to prevent unauthorized access.

TrussPilot – Software for truss production.

Your workers waste less time with manual measurements and the trusses move out of your hall door – quickly and without rejects.

Working with TrussPilot.

The TrussPilot menu and control panel are fully customizable. The user interface is adapted to your specific needs and makes it easy for your employees to learn and operate the functions. The buttons and functions are customized and can be operated from the table via a remote control. Each system is customized to your requirements upon installation by an SL engineer. The system can be easily customized by anyone with basic software knowledge via a well-documented instruction set.

The system is password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Up to eight different teams can work on a single workbench – each with their own remote control. Each projector can project several trusses in its projection zone. In this way, the various trusses can overlap in the projection zones in order to make the best possible use of the table.

ConcretePilot – Software for concrete industry.

From job preparation to pallet distribution and productivity management, you’re in control! With an intuitive interface, designing finished parts is as easy as sending an email.

Software for precast parts.

Your workers waste less time with manual measurements and roofing trusses are out the door of your factory – now!

Working with ConcretePilot.

The ConcretePilot menu and control panel are fully customizable. The user interface is tailored to your specific needs and allows your staff to easily learn and use the function. Buttons and functions are customized and can be controlled from the desk using the remote control.
Each system is customized to your needs by an SL engineer during installation. The system can be easily customized by anyone with basic software knowledge using the well-documented instructions. The system is password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

SL3D – 3D software for demanding production.

From work preparation to ply machining to productivity management, you’re in control! With an intuitive user interface, projecting your cuts into the mould is as easy as sending an email. Your workers waste less time manually measuring and setting up cumbersome templates, and the composite parts end up in the autoclave. Right away!

The software for 3D composite applications.

The SL3D program is used to project three-dimensional drawing data. SL3D provides several functions with which existing drawing files from CAD programs can be edited and adapted for laser projection.

Working with the SL3D software.

With SL3D it is possible to use several projectors at the same time and to project onto several objects such as shapes at the same time. SL3D supports the division of the projected drawing elements in an intelligent and automatic way.

Numerous functions and options are available for controlling and documenting the production process of, for example, carbon fiber parts. SL3D shows image content in up to 4 windows simultaneously. For an image, a supporting bitmap, JPEG or PDF can be displayed with descriptions of e.g., the work process.

SL Assembly – The software for creating projection files.

The SL Assembly software was specially developed for customers who want to create projection files in a quick and easy way.

Advantages that SL Assembly offers:

1. Easy to use

2. Data is generated quickly

3. No special CAD software required for data creation

4. No knowledge of CAD required

5. Good value for money

The software is divided into 3 modules with their own license.

The TemplateCollector software specially developed for the ProCollector L.

It is an integral part of the laser measurement system. With the TemplateCollector software you have a measuring program and a simple stair software program with which you can enter the stair configuration beforehand and thus have a relief when recording the stairs. You have the option of specifying the number of steps and the height.

The software for a quick and exact measurement.

You can store each step on its own layer, this also happens with the side walls. The finished stair can be rotated in the program, so you have many views of one and the same stair. In addition, comments can also be stored as text. The drawing is saved as a DXF and can be opened in other CAD systems. The software can also be used for many other areas.

Typical areas of application:

– interior design
– drywall
– kitchen worktops
– boat building

Another advantage of the TemplateCollector software is the projection of points that can be seen on the CAD drawing. You can project this drawing 1:1 onto the floor in your factory or directly on the construction site. The projection can be done on any surface.

Teacher – The software for setting up the laser system at the workplace.

Step by step to success, with the software solution for easy setup of the laser system. The Teacher software explains step by step how to install the laser projector on the work area in the 2D area.

The software explains the procedure for setting up a laser using images and text.

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