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TopSolid’Wood is the only integrated CAD/CAM software package developed specifically for the needs and requirements of the woodworking industry, incorporating industry-specific functions and procedures to facilitate model design and CNC production preparation.

The Parasolid kernel, on which TopSolid is based, allows unlimited creativity for users. You can design/produce standard modular furniture or a custom-designed arched reception desk.

TopSolid’Wood, to facilitate the subsequent creation of production information, allows you to make production-specific choices as early as the 3D modelling phase.

A wide range of industry-specific tools to boost your productivity. The system can be combined with other TopSolid modules (sheet metal, plastics, and solid metal) to easily work on multi-material projects. Includes a library of components with the necessary manufacturing processes.

The powerful drawing generation module creates product drawings in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual methods. Intelligent creation of views and sections, and positioning of measurement lines. Automatic filling of data fields using project information. Data exchange with partners through standard import-export functions and specific production applications. Photorealistic rendered images help to give a great overview of the product and are used to create sales and marketing documentation to drive sales.

TopSolid’s WoodCAM is specifically designed for the woodworking industry and includes automatic geometry identification and conversion for processing. The CAD model and production in CAM are fully associative. When the model is modified in CAD, the CAM automatically regenerates the production information. CAM production supports the entire possible work cycle, from simple 2-dimensional panel machining to complex 5-axis machining.


TopSolid’Wood: a customized solution that adapts to your needs
  • TopSolid’Wood is the only integrated CAD/CAM software package specially developed to meet the needs of the wood industry.
  • Unlimited creativity: TopSolid’Wood is based on the Parasolid exact modeler.
  • Projects designed to be built: TopSolid’Wood’s specific functions integrate machining issues on the 3D model, right from the modeling phase. “Design to build”. These specialist functions can also be finely customized for a precise and effective adaptation to the various manufacturing processes.
  • Build on your know-how: the configuration and associativity of TopSolid’Wood enable you to make the most of your everyday work.
Special functions for the wood industry:
  • Unlimited 3D modeling
  • Powerful personalisation for each step
  • High flexibility for work optimisation
  • Essential tools for information sharing between companies
  • Open interface for different manufacturing solutions
  • Rapid and accurate 2D drawing
Image – module for easily rendered images from TopSolid’Wood

Image is an add-on module for generating photorealistic images. The module is used to turn product presentations and images into catalogs.


In TopSolid’WoodCam, the positioning of the CAD-designed part on the 3D model of the machine
allows for total associativity between the design and the preparations for machining.

The tool paths are calculated at every stage on the basis of the geometrical model representing the part to be
created, of the predefined stock in TopSolid’Wood, the kinematics and the machine geometry.

Total associativity between design and production
  • The CAM software recognizes the operations made on the parts in CAD (calibration, grooving,
    rabetting, drilling, molding, pocketing, etc.)
  • Automatic creation of tools in the CAM database, according to their CAD defi nition
  • Correlation between the materials defi ned in CAD and the database of CAM tools, for automatic
    and precise settings of the cutting conditions
  • Complete associativity between the model defi ned in CAD and the preparations in CAM

Any design changes can be applied to machining without having to reconsider all the working
hypotheses (position of the tool, identification of operations, selection of tools, etc.). The new ISO
blocks are generated immediately following changes.

TopSolid´Wood Nesting

The nesting is a function in TopSolid’Wood which allows you, from a Design document, to optimally nest all the Design file’s parts on defined panels. This makes it possible, for example, to optimize the number of panels in order to machine specific-shaped parts, or machine several parts in a single panel positioning on a CNC.

Nesting creation
  • In a few click to get your true shape nesting
    optimization with the stock reports board /part labels.
  • Create your own processes for nesting sheets machining
  • Ability to Flip the full sheet or only parts if 5th face operation.
  • Define the operation sorting and your tool path optimization to set your production strategy.
  • Nesting process is totally integrated in the multi-machining and script functions.

TopSolid`PRO includes Kinematics and Mechanical libraries. CastorXpress interface. Split, Sheet metal & Piping features.

For furniture industry the most interesting part of Kinematics would be collision checking and special mechanical standard libraries for metal fixtures.

Possibility of creating advanced joints is also supported.

Pay attention to the video below to better understand functionality and possibilities of Kinematics.

Interfaces and extras

Export of TopSolid’Wood geometry into MRP machining geometry for HOMAG and WEECKE CNC’s.

WoodWOP is the CNC programming system from HOMAG. The centerpiece of the innovative user interface is the large graphic area in which the workpiece is displayed three-dimensionally. Routing, drilling or saw cuts are programmed quickly and easily by entering the processing parameters and displayed realistically in the graphic. This guarantees maximum programming reliability and constant control during program creation.

Export of TopSolid’Wood geometry into machining geometry for Biesse CNC’s using CIX file format

Either for B-Solid or BiesseWorks software.

B_SOLID is a 3D cad cam software program that supports the performance of any machining operation thanks to vertical modules designed for specific manufacturing processes.

Planning in just a few clicks.

Simulating machining operations to visualize the piece ahead of manufacturing and have some guidance for the planning phase.

Virtual prototyping of the piece to avoid collisions and ensure optimal machine equipment.

Machining operation simulation with a calculation of the execution time.

Export of TopSolid’Wood geometry and data into ARDIS® optimizer.

ARDIS® has expertise with wide variety of complimentary CAD/CAM software and it helps taking away big part of the technical complexity.

Cutting Optimizer is a program developed to optimize the lay-outs of rectangular forms. It computes the most efficient lay-outs, hundreds of times faster and more accurately than the traditional manual methods.

ARDIS® works flawless together with different machines and we can guarantee to the customer to stay flexible in the future. When he wants to chance machines, this is no problem for ARDIS®.

ARDIS® can manage all areas of your production as the product range includes:

For more information visit: https://www.cad4wood.eu/tooted/ardis/

Export of TopSolid’Wood geometry as machining DXF

DXF is a file extension for a graphic image format typically used with AUTOCAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) software. DXF stands for Drawing eXchange Format.

As the name Drawing eXchange Format suggests it is widely used for exchanging drawing and production data between different software and machines.

DXF is the easiest but also the least automated way in TopSolid for transferring machining data into a CNC machine. But as DXF is very common it can be used to give information to very wide variety of machines and systems.

Export of TopSolid’Wood geometry into machining geometry for NCHops to control a wide variety of CNC machinery from one software
The complete CAD/CAM package

NC-HOPS: CAM system for wood, plastic and aluminum production. Initially conceived as a wood-oriented programming system, the extensive variant technology and flexibility meant that it was also quickly used in plastics and aluminum processing.

CAD/CAM-package with variable macro technology.

With NC-HOPS as CAD/CAM solution, the visual development of dynamic components is possible in a very short time. This maximizes productivity and ensures a fast path to the finished product. Powerful macro technology and the always up-to-date graphical display support the user in creating fixed or variable components.


Read more about NCHops: https://www.cad4wood.eu/tooted/nc-hops/

Alternative software solution for TopSolid license management

Floating License server allows to switch from standard USB-Dongle managed licenses to a network server that allows management of licenses trough network server

TopSolid allows export to wide variety of optimizing and CAM software’s. 

Please get in touch with us to learn more about all options and confirm compatibility of your current Optimization or CAM System.

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